Adding Read Seed to Schoology

Although the process of setting up LTI may sound complex, in most cases you can be up and running in minutes. You do not even need to be a site administrator to connect your course to Read Seed. 

A set of credentials consists of these items:

  • the Tool URL (1 for each course)
  • the Secret
  • a Consumer Key

You should use the name of your school or district as your "Consumer Key." The "Tool URL" and "Secret" will be in the email that you get from Read Seed.

To use ReadSeed with Schoology, you should complete the following steps to add a Read Seed course as a “External Tool.”

1) Choose “External Tool Providers” from Course Options

2) Add an External Tool Provider.

3) Enter the Consumer key and Secret for your school (Read Seed will provide these), and choose “URL/XML” as the Configuration Type.

4) Enter the Tool URL you received from Read Seed in the “Configuration URL/XML” text area, and press submit.

5) Your “External Tool Provider” will be created. The name will be set to “Read Seed LTI.” Edit the tool name if you wish.

6) Return to your course and choose “Add File/Link/External Tool” from the “Add materials” dropdown menu.

7) Choose “External Tool”.

8) From the “Tool Provider” drop down list, choose the external tool provider you created earlier.

9) Set the activity title that will be displayed on the course page, and press submit.

10) Your Read Seed course will be added to the course page.

If you encounter any problems or difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us at