The Student Experience

This article outlines the student experience from the beginning to the end of a Read Seed activity.

For the student, everything begins on their school LMS course page. Read Seed is fully integrated with most major learning management systems, and there is no need for teachers or students to create separate accounts on Read Seed. Simply clicking the Read Seed icon on the course page will create an account in our system and take the user directly to their dashboard.

Here are the steps the students will follow:

  1. Click the Read Seed icon on the course page.
  2. This brings the student to their Read Seed dashboard. If it's their first time here, students should watch the introductory video located at the top of the page.

  3. To begin the activity, students click on the blue button on the left side of the Student Dashboard. 

  4. This will take them to the introductory screen, where they will be asked to test their microphones. They should click the button labelled SPEAK and say their names clearly.

  5.  After confirming that the microphone is working, students can progress to the next stage of the task by clicking the START button. 

  6. There will be a short countdown before the reading passage is revealed. It is important that the students begin reading aloud as soon as the text appears. 

  7. Students should continue reading until the passage disappears. The file upload screen will appear automatically. When the file has uploaded, the student can start the quiz portion of the activity by clicking the Next button.

  8. Students will see the reading passage again alongside a series of comprehension questions (usually 4 or 5). They should be encouraged to read the full passage (this time silently) before attempting to answer the questions. The response is automatically submitted when students click on their choice, so they should choose carefully. The Next button underneath the question becomes active only after students have submitted a response.

  9. Correct answers are indicated in green with a check mark.

  10.  Incorrect answers are displayed in red with an X. The correct choice is also highlighted for the students to see.

  11. After answering all of the comprehension questions, the students will be taken to the exit screen. Here their seed character will transform into a flower. Students must click the blue Finish button to return to the dashboard. Depending on the device, the finish button may only be visible by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Please see the Note below for how to achieve the best viewing conditions.Note: There is a option to Go fullscreen at the bottom of the page. Clicking this at any point during the activity will provide the best possible viewing experience for the students.  

  12. After clicking the Finish button, the students are returned to the dashboard. It may take a couple of minutes for Read Seed to return a WPM score for the reading, but as soon as it's available, the values on the student dashboard will be updated to reflect their progress.