Student Dashboard

The Student Dashboard is the first thing learners see when they click on the Read Seed activity in your LMS course. Although the interface has been kept simple, there are plenty of fun interactive elements to keep young learners engaged.

Arriving at Read Seed for the first time, students will see a video at the top of the screen, above the student dashboard. This video explains the basic steps of the Read Seed activity and should be viewed by the students before attempting the task for the first time. If possible, the teacher should remain nearby to answer any additional questions and to help get students started. The introductory video appears only the first time a student visits the site, so it's important that they take the time to watch it.

During the video, students are instructed to click the blue First Reading button at the top of the Student Dashboard to start the activity. However, they may need to be reminded of this by the teacher after the video has finished. 

After the student has completed all of the steps of the activity (see The Student Experience), they are returned to the Student Dashboard where they will find the information has been updated to reflect their progress. The Total words read will be updated along with their Average words per minute and Average accuracy scores. The Progress meter, which tells them how many of the total available readings they've completed, will have been updated, too. 

Perhaps of greatest interest to the students is the flower character card they receive for completing a Read Seed task. The latest character is displayed on the right hand side of the Student Dashboard along with the WPM and Quiz scores. Notice that the First Reading button now says Next Reading.

Flower cards are also displayed in the bottom portion of the Student Dashboard. 

When the flower card is clicked, the student is taken to the attempt where they can listen to their reading, review the text, and attempt the activity again if they wish.